Sample Memo

To the Organization Executive Officer  I.E. Chief, Sheriff, etc.

This memo is very difficult to write and it has taken as much physical and emotional
strength as I am able to muster, to discuss this sensitive issue with you.

I have been seeking counseling for several years to deal with a medical problem that will
cause some concern to others on the Department.  I have been diagnosed with Gender
Identity Disorder.  What this means in lay terms, is that my emotional gender and my
anatomy are different from one another.   In my case my emotional gender is female, but
my anatomy is male.

I feel that I need to do something to relieve the anxiety and stress, relating to these
problems.   I am currently going through medically and psychologically approved phases,
with the ultimate goal of having sex reassignment surgery.   I have been undergoing
hormone replacement therapy for the past 15 months.   The next step in the process is to
begin the “real life test.”   This requires me to dress and act in the gender I feel that I am,

I know that this is going to cause disbelief and anxiety for some members of the
Department.  I have given this decision careful consideration after years of living with all of
the turmoil that it causes.   This has been a lifelong struggle for me and I cannot continue
to live as a male.

There will be members of the Department who will not be able to understand my decision.  
I would like to try to at least help people accept me for the person that I am and always
have been.  The only things that will change are my gender, the way I dress and my name.   
I prefer to be called “******”   For personal reasons I will use the name, ******.

I have been employed with this agency for over eighteen years.  I think that I have been an
exemplary employee.  I have made many friends over the years.   I am hopeful that they can
afford me the same respect that I have given to all, since my first days with the Department.

I have great respect for this agency and have endeavored to do my best to show my
competence as a police officer.   I would hope that the people who know me and the
people that I meet, still judge me for who I am on the inside and what kind of cop I am.

The intent of this memo is to advise you of these changes before they occur.   I realize it
will take time for you to consider the ramifications these plans will have on the
Department.  I am hopeful that with your cooperation in this matter, the “transition” will be
as smooth as possible.

Sgt. ***** is my current supervisor.   Sgt. ***** is currently unaware of this situation and I
would prefer to discuss this with him personally.

At this time I plan on beginning the “transition” in February 2000; the precise date yet to be
determined. On the date determined, I plan to report to work as a woman. I do NOT wish for
any media attention. Because of my dedication to this department, I am making this
notification to you, before other important people in my life have been told. Disclosure to
others within the department could cause significant embarrassment to my family and me
and cause significant financial hardship before I am ready to proceed. Other agencies with
transgendered officers have experienced problems with the attention from media
coverage. This attention has created increased tensions within their membership; I am
trying to avoid this.

I am sure there will be agency questions as to how best to deal with my transition. Several
local departments have dealt with this issue and I would be happy to share this
information as a resource. In addition, there are a number of medical and psychological
professionals in the Greater Bay Area who specialize in working with transgendered
individuals. These professionals would also be willing to share their expertise in this
specialized field.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. I am more than willing to meet with
you to discuss this situation and have a variety of reading materials available to share.


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