Transgender Community of Police & Sheriffs


TCOPS is a peer support network for transgender law enforcement officers and law enforcement support personnel. Our members are police officers, deputy sheriffs, federal officers, detectives, correctional officers, parole agents, probation officers, constables, rangers, parks police, police officers, deputy sheriffs, state special agents, federal special agents, special police officers, reserve officers, district attorney investigators, forensic scientists, crime scene technicians, military law enforcement officers, fingerprint examiners, and other support personnel, as well as retired officers from these positions.  We also have former law enforcement employees who have left agencies but are considered by the agency to be “in good standing.”

If you work for a law enforcement agency, or are or were civilian support staff at a credentialed law enforcement agency, this can be a place of support for you. Welcome to our home on the Internet.

The purpose of TCOPS is to provide information, education, support, and networking opportunities to members of the police community dealing with conflicted Gender Identity issues behind the badge. 

TCOPS was born out of the efforts of Dr. Thomas Whetstone’s study on transsexual law enforcement officers in the workplace. His work brought together deputy sheriffs, police officers and other LEOs from around the world, to discuss their personal and professional experiences with gender identity issues and their chosen profession. 

TCOPS International offers support and associated resources, to police administrators.  We utilize hand chosen advisors, which include law enforcement administrators, department heads, psychological professionals, and academics in the field. We also have law enforcement personnel who have successfully transitioned genders on the job and who have worked with those, planning gender-transition within a law enforcement environment.