Transgender Community of Police & Sheriffs

Police Executives – Resources

Law Enforcement Executives and Supervisors

TCOPS International offers support and associated resources, to police administrators. 

We offer policy guideline templates and examples to assist your agency to customize and develop a workable policy model.

We utilize hand chosen advisors, which include law enforcement administrators, department heads, psychological professionals, and academics in the field.

We can direct you to other police executives and administrators that have had success in addressing policy, diversity, and inclusion of a trans* employee at their agency.

We can help explain issues that may assist your agency to avoid or minimize civil litigation for discrimination, harassment, and civil rights violations.

TCOPS offers executive, mid-level manager, supervisor, and line officer training on gender identity and the experiences of what a trans* officer may be dealing with as they go through a gender transition

TCOPS International does NOT charge agencies or public safety organizations for these presentations.

When there are expenses, such as travel, transportation, and per diem, we ask that the agency pay or reimburse those expenses.