Transgender Community of Police & Sheriffs

Membership Information

TCOPS is a peer support network for law enforcement officers and law enforcement support personnel that identify within the transgender spectrum which includes the following gender identities: transgender, transsexual, gender non-binary, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, gender-fluid, gender convergent, crossdresser, or gender-questioning all fall into the spectrum.  If you are Intersex and fall within the trans* gender identity spectrum, you are also welcome to be a part of our group.

Our members are active duty, retired, or former police officers, deputy sheriffs, federal officers, detectives, correctional officers, parole agents, probation officers, constables, rangers, parks police, state special agents, federal special agents, special police officers, reserve officers, traffic officers, state troopers, district attorney investigators, forensic scientists, crime scene technicians, military law enforcement officers, fingerprint examiners, firearm examiners, crime scene investigators, community service officers, and other law enforcement support personnel.  

In essence, if you are trans* AND are or were an employee of an organization that enforces laws for a governmental entity, you are welcome in this group.

We have an international presence including members from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Australia, and New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, South Africa, Cuba, Russia, Israel, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Tonga, Samoa, Turkey, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, China, Thailand, Philippines, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and India.

Welcome to our NEW group home on the Internet.